This interesting card comes from Morocco, and shows a trail outlined on the country's map noting several main cities and tourist centers. Gorgeous views show two historical sites preserved as cultural heritage.


This great card comes from Surinam in S. America, and shows the stunning Blue-gray Tanager, a common resident of gardens and open areas in Latin America. Those that have seen it will agree with me that its color is an otherworldly, indescribably shade of cerulean blue...


This tropical card shows scenery and the coastline of the isle of St. Maarten, whose administration is divided between Netherlands and France. It was franked by a lovely hummingbird stamp from the Neth. Antilles.


This cultural scene shows traditional Basotho riders of Lesotho, and was sent by my friend Julius in Maseru. The card was franked with a very nice stamp depicting the coronation anniversary of King Letsie


This great card shows the male and female of an endemic Caribbean species, the Antillean Crested Hummingbird. The card was franked with two stunning stamps, one showing a regatta in the 1984 Olympics and the other depicting the Large Iguana.


A great card to start 2014! Showing a herd of savannah elephants in Chobe National Park, one of the jewels of wild Botswana and a center for ecotourism.


This amazing card came to me from a visitor to the island of Sao Miguel, in the Azores, and shows a forest waterfall and natural pool, one of the many attractions of this verdant Portuguese territory


This stunning card shows the Ra"og Lake in Nyingchi, Tibet. It was franked with two amazing stamps showing a songbird in a traditional landscape painting.


This amazing card makes my spirit soar, and shows varied landscapes and awesome views of the coastline of peninsular Malaysia


This stark landscape card shows the colors of the Namib Desert, a long and barren stretch extending some 1,200 miles along the Atlantic zones of Angola, Namibia and S. Africa. This card was franked with a leopard stamp, the international postcard rate from a wildlife definitive series.


This lovely card shows the San Juan islands, an archipelago lying between Washington State and Br. Columbia, Canada. Part of these lushly forested islands were designated a national monument by Pres. Obama in March, 2013


Wow, a great card from Salah, showing Lake Assal in Djibouti. This lake is reputedly the largest salt deposit on earth, lying below sea level and surrounded by kilometers of salt flats. Fascinating!