This amazing card shows a herd of Lechwe antelope in the Kafue National Park, a vast wilderness in W. Zambia. In rare happenstance the stamp also bears a Lechwe!


This lovely card comes from Montserrat, a British Territory in the Caribbean known for its volcanic eruptions; seen here is the red flowering Plumeria or Frangipani. The card was franked with two spectacular stamps showing local flowering trees.


This card is one of my favorites from a long time of collecting local birds on postcards, and shows the colorful Atlantic Puffin before gobbling a full batch of small fish


This lovely multiview card arrived this week from Seychelles, showing a tortoise, local views and scenes, including the carnivorous pitcher plant. The stamps included one depicting a local fruit bat.


This elephant seal card comes from the legendary Galapagos Islands, home to many unique species and where Darwin crystalized his theory of evolution while observing local finches. The card was sent with a lovely Ecuadorian stamp featuring a Jaguar.


This lovely handpainted card comes from Bangui, Central African Rep. and shows a typical village scene of traditional dwellings. The stamps depict local fruits and a chameleon in the wild.


This amazing card comes from the French territory of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, and shows local scenery, fauna and coastal views


This UNESCO card shows endangered wildlife, and came franked with two recent Rep. of Congo stamps, one showing a traditional mask. Awesome!


This amazing card from PNG shows a variety of birds of paradise, which are endemic to the island of New Guinea. The card was posted from Laucala Beach, Fiji, and franked with overprinted issues on a definitive birds issue.


This stunning long format card came to me recently from a friend visiting Namibia, and shows a sampling of the stark and stunning landscapes of this arid country. To my delight, the card came franked with a recent bird issue featuring the Dune Lark.


Two recent cards from Fiji showing island landscapes, fish, beaches and several stamps from a recent birds definitive series.


This lovely card shows Mt. Kilimanjaro with insets of birds, wildlife and scenery from N. Tanzania. The stamps were spectacular as well!